© Cruise ship at the Port of Montréal and Downtown Montréal © Guy Rochette

© Montréal Cruise Terminal - © Stephan Poulin

© Montréal Cruise Terminal -© Stéphan Poulin

© Montréal Cruise Terminal - © Mathieu Dupuis, Cruise Saint-Lawrence

© Montréal skyline from Mount Royal Park- © Mathieu Dupuis, Cruise Saint-Lawrence

© Casino de Montréal © Mathieu Dupuis, Cruise Saint-Lawrence

© Place Jacques-Cartier © Mathieu Dupuis, Cruise Saint-Lawrence

Cruising from Montréal

Many cruise operators use Montréal as a starting or ending point for their itineraries along the St. Lawrence River. More than just a port of call, Montréal is North America’s largest French-speaking city. Historic sites, major attractions, interesting activities, and countless restaurants and shops make for an unforgettable opportunity to experience a touch of Europe in North America.

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From May to October, watch the ships as they pass through Montréal.
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Opt for a cruise along the St. Lawrence River to discover all it has to offer. One of nine ports of call on the seaway, Montréal is a major embarkation and disembarkation port. It is a starting point for the Canada/New England route, and the beginning and end point for travel to and from Europe, as well as to and from the Îles de la Madeleine.
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